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Mobile Massage Treatment checklist:

☐ You are located in: Campbell River, Black Creek, Merville or Quadra Island (please contact if in another area)

☐ Nearby parking

☐ Most treatments require an approximate surface area of: 12ft x 7ft for the massage table, or 10ft x 6ft for the massage mat; a massage chair that fits in smaller spaces, is also available upon request.

☐ Maximum of 5 steps -or access to a standard-sized working elevator- to reach treatment area (due to weight/size of equipment)

☐ Sink to wash hands

☐ Nearby electrical outlets (for towel warmer/heat sources)

☐ Proof of valid ID may be requested

**If you require mobility accommodations (eg: have difficulty turning over when lying down, are unable to get on/off a massage table or massage chair...),

or other health accommodations, please reach out to discuss what could be done to best support you. Experience with treating those who are non-ambulatory. 

Covid-19 protocol:

Safety and sanitization protocols will be respected. Masks are currently no longer mandatory, though should you request I wear a mask during your treatment, that can be arranged - please don't hesitate to express what you prefer. 


Massage table (or massage chair/mat), linens, music, warm towels and all other needed supplies are brought to you, so you can enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing massage from the comfort and convenience of your own home! Please allow an additional 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the massage treatment for setting up, filling out health history/consent forms, the pre-massage intake conversation, as well as providing home-care suggestions and packing/cleaning.

Treatment approach:

I graduated from a 2,200-hour Massage Therapy program in 2018 (read "About Michèle Somer " to learn more about me) and my approach to massage is one of a holistic, therapeutic nature, taking into account the condition of each individual and their specific health and wellness goals. I am a member in good standing of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. As described in the consent form (that is filled out in-person before your massage treatment), you have the right to stop your treatment at any time and you have the right to modify your treatment as allows within the scope of massage therapy. Bringing up any questions/concerns/feedback regarding your health and massage treatment before, during, and after the massage is a crucial part of how I can best support you with your health and wellness goals.

Descriptions of the massage treatments are found on the main " Home" page. 

Mutual respect:

I consider it an honour to be part of someone's health and wellness journey; this trust means a lot. I recognize I am coming into a home/location/space that belongs to you, and is unfamiliar to me. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Harassment and/or innapropriate behaviour is not tolerated. 


Pet owners are responsible for their pet(s)'s behaviour around supplies/equipment which can include -but are not limited to- the use of essential oils and hot surfaces which could possibly be harmful to them if in close contact/ingested. I have no allergies and don't have any concerns with pets being present if they are safe around visitors and their belongings.

Massage table & chair facts:

  • Massage Table: Includes a tilt position option where a part of the table can be manually brought up to allow a seated position, as opposed to lying flat on the back. Manufacturer recommended max working capacity is 750lbs.
  • Massage Chair: Manufacturer recommended max working capacity is 650lbs. 

If you are under 19 years old:

If you are under 19 years old, a parent or guardian must be the one to book the massage treatment for you, as well as sign the health history/consent form.

Pricing & Accepted payment methods:

Massage treatments are not covered by extended health insurance.

Debit/credit card, e-transfer, exact change (no extra change on hand) or cheque are accepted.

  • Therapeutic Massage | Prenatal Massage | Sports Massage | MLD/Manual Lymph Drainage | Reiki (on massage table): 

60 minutes ($110) or 90 minutes ($135)

  • Hot Stone Massage (on massage table) : 

60 minutes ($125) or 90 minutes ($155)

  • Traditional Thai Massage (on floor mat): 

60 minutes ($110) or 90 minutes ($135)

  • Reflexology (on own home chair):

75 minutes ($75)

  • Chair Massage (on massage chair):

60 minutes ($110) or 90 minutes ($135)

Cancellation policy:

Please, kindly provide 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel a massage treatment whenever possible. In the event you are feeling unwell, please cancel (and reschedule if desired) your treatment as soon as possible upon recognizing symptoms. To cancel, call/text: 250-300-8071.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information or if you have any questions.​

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